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Greening Sacred Spaces is a practical program to assist faith communities in taking actions to create more sustainable, energy efficient places of worship and to educate their communities about ecological issues.


The Green Rule

Poster with sayings from many of the world's great religious & spiritual traditions, showing that at their core all have an awareness of the sacredness of creation. Study guide available.

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 Faith Communities = Neighbourhood Resilience Hubs

FCG: Greening Sacred Spaces is working to enhance the capacity of our communities, to better withstand the negative impacts of climate-induced extreme weather events (ex. heat, storms, flooding) by identifying, training, and mobilizing neighborhood faith groups to act as local resilience hubs.

Our project on the potential of faith communities to act as critical neighbourhood-level service hubs when responding to climate-induced extreme weather events was featured on CBC Radio Toronto's "Here and Now" and "Metro Morning" programs.

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See what is coming up in your region on your regional chapter page, or see the FCG Event List for activities of Greening Sacred Spaces and faith communities in our network. 

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400 ppm

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere surpassed 400 ppm for a whole month in April for the first time in millions of years.
What does this mean for us?


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