2015 Annual Report: Faith & the Common Good’s Got Grit.

Fossil Free Faith Fellows

Fossil Free Faith Fellows


2015 was a year of exploration and honest conversation, as we continued to evaluate our role in supporting interfaith groups that are working towards more resilient communities.

We delved deeply into examining our assets — what our resources are, both human and physical, what we offer as a unique, interfaith-based national network for climate action. We sat out to build and strengthen partnerships towards that end in order to better serve our neighbourhoods.

While we have hurdles to overcome — funding our many initiatives is one of them — we are truly heartened by the real change we are making as we strive to create healthier spaces across the country. Broadly, this change ranges from supporting faith communities in becoming models for renewable energy, maximizing a congregation’s ability to fully harness their building for best community impact (Mission per Square Foot Program), to supporting the vulnerable due to extreme weather events and beginning the very sensitive but critical work of supporting Indigenous communities and understanding what it means to be an ally.

Annual ReportThis report captures much of our efforts in the last year, with a look at where we’ve been heading in 2016.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate greening congregations and thank supporters like you!  Let us know your thoughts! Read the report here.