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Another Year of Islamophobia

Praying and seeking Allah (God) is among the rare havens for me; a space to cry and bear my heavy heart. It brings me to a place of peace, where my soul can safely say: I refuse to ‘justify’ myself; I refuse to ‘respond’ to Islamophobic interrogations; my self-care is priority. This haven made me ponder how these struggles are reflected in the Earth, our collective home, because the Earth is constantly forced to justify why it deserves to exist in harmony without fear of extraction, exploitation, or extinction. Maisaloon Al- Askar, Fossil Free Faith. Thanks to Maisaloon Al-Ashkar, for
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Faith in solar: Towards equitable communities.

“This means that even as we revolutionize our energy, economic, and political systems, we must do so in a way that also dismantles classism, white supremacy, patriarchy, xenophobia, and other social evils.” — Tim DeChristopher, Harvard Divinity School. The sun, when it is out, doesn’t pick favourites. It shines on the rich and the poor, progressive and conservative, young and old. In the west, where the interrelatedness of environmental degradation to poverty, racism and white privilege is finally being acknowledged, our challenge is to ensure that everyone under the sun benefits from the power we can harness from it. Solar
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