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A Good Space: Beacon United Church

Thanks to Emma Norton for this blog post. At 22,000 square feet, Beacon United Church and its attached community space is not easy to heat. Especially so in a cold, humid climate like Yarmouth, a small town of just under 6,800 on the southern-most tip of Nova Scotia. Like many places of worship around Canada, it was struggling to make ends meet in a rural town, with a declining population and a declining congregation. Six years ago, the church was up for sale – the congregation had agreed that it could no longer pay for upkeep and operations. However, this
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Set Your House in Order: The Case for a National Carbon Reduction Program for UCC Faith Buildings

It is extremely difficult to change others. When it comes to motivating climate change action, the challenge seems insurmountable. Perhaps the best thing one can do for real change, is to begin with oneself, and hope that others will follow suit. As a religious institution that upholds the ideal that all creation matters, the United Church of Canada (UCC) believes that change begins at home.  When it comes to climate change, the question is, how do we put our own faith houses in order?   How can the Church reduce the carbon footprint of its own activities? While carbon emissions stem
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