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Regeneration Works for Places of Faith: It all Starts with Mission

By Lucy Cummings, Executive Director So you want to regenerate your place of worship? Begin the journey with a hard look at your own mission. That’s the message participants heard at two separate workshops hosted by Faith & the Common Good (FCG) and partners, in Peterborough (February 25, 2017)  and Toronto (March 11, 2017). “Why are you here? Is it clear to others? Is it actionable? How does it shape the services being offered and how you use your building?” Speaker and FCG chair, Randal Goodfellow suggested that faith communities need to ask themselves these questions. Successful faith community regeneration
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One Planet: Harnessing Hope

“One Planet: Harnessing Hope” is the latest work by Irene Borins Ash about what some multi-faith and multi-cultural groups are doing to help the environmental situation we are all experiencing. The project includes a video and a hard copy exhibit of photos and text. Irene is a social worker, photographer, author, speaker, and environmentalist who partnered with Faith & the Common Good in this endeavour. Says Irene, “We are all in this together. We are one.” Click here for the full 13-minute video. Irene is eager to share her photographic exhibit widely. Click here to contact her.
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