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Creating the Connection We Need At Christ the King

The Connection We Need Building a Meditative Garden at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School The students at Christ the King Secondary School received tremendous support from TD Friends of the Environment, Ontario150, and Greening Sacred Spaces Halton Peel to build a new meditative garden on the property in Georgetown. When we first introduced the project to the students, there was a little bit of hesitancy. Lots of the students had never worked in a garden before. Many did not realize the beneficial properties of a garden not only for the environment, but for the students as well. But once
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Why Faith and the Arts Should Cohabitate

By Kendra Fry, Regeneration Works Advisor: Playwright Marcus Youssef, upon accepting this year’s Siminovitch Prize for playwriting, gave a speech that clarified for me why I am interested in the intersection of faith communities with the broader community. Youssef wrote about his interest in points of intersection and the space between people, spoken and unspoken. He wrote about moments of unexpected connection between people, across culture and groups and about learning from these liminal explorations and the richness that comes from these moments. That, in a nutshell is what I have been trying to express since taking on the position
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