Investment Opportunities

Other Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities

So you don’t have a suitable roof top for solar but you want to be part of the solar power generation? Community investment in renewable energy is growing. From solar shares to solar bonds to wind bonds to “Poo Power” (bio-gas at the Toronto zoo), your faith community has an abundance of clean energy investment opportunities that offer good rates of return.

Learn about co-op bonds and shares and be part of the movement:

The Ontario Co-Operative Association (On Co-op) is an information and resources network with a mission to lead, cultivate and connect the co-operative sector. Their website can point you to renewable energy co-operatives in your region, no matter where you are in Ontario. Co-ops such as the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative or the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC) can be found here.

Another great resource for finding renewable energy investment opportunities in your region is the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). OSEA is an umbrella association representing community-based renewable energy organizations and co-operatives across Ontario. OSEA catalyzes, facilitates and supports these “community power” organizations.

In some regions, community renewable energy co-operatives are working with individuals and community buildings to invest locally in renewable energy while providing a return on investment to participants.

To get you going on this topic, check out OurPower for solar bonds.

Here is an example of a Debenture model used by Universalist Unitarian Church, Toronto.

Solar Flyer & Debenture Contract