Renewable Energy Resources: Links

Links to excellent solar sites and groups that are supporting renewable energy opportunities.

  • OurPower is a voice for individuals and organizations celebrating renewable energy across Canada and around the world.
  • OurPower Energy literacy series 
  • OurPower video on Renewable Energy 101
  • OSEA – Provides services/advise to help community projects get up and running.  Also co-op focused but they may help FC’s get their projects off the ground as well.
    CREW – solar FAQ sheet that is pretty straight forward and answers the basic questions for FC’s interested in solar.
  • Windfall – Good FAQ page. As a non-profit community service organization we measure our success by your satisfaction and your solar systems contribution to a sustainable future for our children. We make sure that by the time you choose Windfall Solar as your solar service provider you understand your options and alternatives and benefit from the latest developments from a pioneer and leader in the field. You will receive clear, un-exaggerated assessments of your solar systems energy and financial potential prepared using the best assessment tools available.
  • Kortright Centre– Sustainability workshops, if an FC is serious about solar but feels they need education then they could check out one of their workshops. The Kortright Centre also has one of Canada’s largest renewable energy demonstrations. This is an ideal setting for teaching students about alternative energy; solar thermal, photovoltaic (solar electric), wind and biomass.
  • Community Energy Partnership Program (CEPP) is a grant program to support community power in Ontario. The program provides funding for co-operatives to develop renewable energy generation. The program assists eligible applicants in paying for a portion of the costs associated with developing renewable energy projects. These costs include resource assessment, legal services, engineering work, regulatory approvals and co-op related work.
  • Federation of Community Power Cooperatives (FCPC) is a province-wide umbrella organization for community power co-ops in Ontario that are developing grid-tied renewable energy projects. We exist to unite, represent and serve the community power co-op community across the province.
  • The FCPC was created by co-ops for co-ops to enable co-operation and mutual support within the sector. Their goal is to increase the number of renewable energy co-ops developed at the highest possible standards by establishing best practices and sharing resources.