Celebrating Success – Green Sacred Spaces Award

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Greening Sacred Space Awards recognize the contributions of faith communities who demonstrate commitment in the care of the environment through action.

These awards provide an opportunity for diverse faith traditions to come together with the shared purpose of affirming, celebrating and thanking those who lead the way for all of us in stewardship.  All actions in support of the sustainability of life on our planet are critical and urgent.

In establishing the criteria for the awards, we thank the Ottawa Ecology & Theology Working Group of the Anglican Church for their pioneer work at identifying criteria for Green Church awards within their community.   Their work has served as a frame of reference in the development of this award.

Selection of Green Sacred Space Award Recipients

Recipient faith communities are selected under the direction of the Board of Directors of Faith & the Common Good, GSS Regional Representatives, and the Steering Committees of local GSS chapters.
Read our Annual Reports to learn about past GSS Award Winners!

Criteria for Green Sacred Space Awards


The criteria for the Green Sacred Space Award of a faith group will be evidence of awareness and actions in each of the three categories listed below:

1. Spirituality and worship,
2. Sacred spaces, grounds and activities, and
3. The wider community

Faith communities are nominated annually for the award if they have accomplished a minimum of five actions within each category that identifies what the community is doing. Click here to see guidelines.