Pollinator Gardens

monarchsmallPollinators are critical for biodiversity and food security; they are also often a powerful symbol of rebirth and spirituality. Adding a pollinator garden to your faith property combines beautification, community outreach, and ecological support for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. They need our help; pollinator populations are in decline.

Join the growing number of faith communities who are working to create a network of pollinator gardens. We’re pleased to provide links and resources to assist you in this endeavour.



FCG-2011-Wintergreen-asters3smallPlanting for Pollinators: Some excellent resources and videos are available from The Pollinator Partnership (Pollinator promotion and preservation) and The Tributary Fund (Religious Leaders and Conservation Scientists) in the United States. They have videos of past webinars on faith communities creating pollinator gardens:





Pollinators 101


How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

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Engaging Your Congregation in Pollinator Protection

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“This isn’t just for faith leaders or people interested in gardens…it could serve as a great introduction to faith-based conservation efforts for secular conservation groups.  So, you know a little about pollinators and where to look for more information on how to plant a pollinator garden (www.pollinator.org).”

More pollinator garden resources: (external links)

www.pollinationcanada.ca has resources and links to information on planting for pollinators, species lists, agricultural maps, and other more to assist with your pollinator garden.

A pdf document “A Landowner’s Guide – Conserving Native Pollinators in Ontario” This pdf document explains pollination, pollinator species and threats to native pollinators, habitat and nesting sites for wild pollinators, and conservation steps for preserving and protecting our pollinator species. It also gives a resource list, including a list of “resource-rich plants for pollinators” – great options to include in your garden, and a list of suppliers.

Partners for Sustainable Pollination has announced mini-grants for projects supporting bee habitat! Applicants must first be certified as a “BFF” (that’s “Bee Friendly Farmer”, which includes gardeners) through their online certification process. BFFs can then apply for funds to assist with pollinator projects.

Celebrate Pollinator week! Visit www.pollinator.org and www.pollinationcanada.ca for more information.