Climate Change Action

Climate change is increasingly being recognized as the spiritual and planetary issue of this century. From a scientific perspective, it is clear that unless humans drastically reduce their emission of greenhouse gases and work to heal the biological well-being of the planet we will face increasingly perilous conditions. Rising ocean levels, droughts, floods, hunger, disease will be the consequence of our failure to change our polluting ways. From a social justice perspective, the most vulnerable populations are already the first and most drastically affected by climate change. From a spiritual perspective, we have a moral obligation to care for the sacred earth and all peoples; we are called to stewardship.Divest_dialogue_ottawa_nov19

The need for an interfaith response to climate destabilization has long infused all of our sustainability programs.   Yet, given the urgency of the problem, the programs below take this call a step further.

On the mitigation side, faith community energy efficiency and solar installations retrofits, highlighted in our Solar Faith Revival and Green Audit programs, are tangible ways faith communities can demonstrate their commitment to climate action.

Our Fossil Free Faith project is a space to encourage faith-based conversations around the need to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in clean alternatives. (This photo is from a divestment forum in Ottawa in November 2014.)

On the adaptation side, our Extreme Weather Resilience Hub pilot project explores the role of faith communities as local hubs to improve neighborhood level resiliency to climate-induced extreme weather events.