Fossil Free Faith Youth Launch

FFF Maisaloon Al-AshkarFFF Janelle Delorme

Fossil Free Faith has included and been led by young voices since the beginning. Our relationships with young people aren’t a side-project of what we do. They are at the centre.

Like the larger FFF network, our youth initiative is a network of young leaders engaging one another and their faith institutions about climate justice, fossil fuel divestment / reinvestment, and the role of bold faith in strengthening our shared future.

This project has grown out of numerous sparks of intergenerational conversation about what role interfaith networks can play in supporting climate justice work, and how youth leadership can be strengthened and amplified within faith-based and interfaith spaces.

The pilot project of this youth network is being supported by the Inspirit Foundation. Watch their page for more or follow


Climate Change and Local Food: Youth at St. Jean de Breubeuf (Hamilton high school) 2013.