Greening our Sermons for Earth Day

Earth Day:

Earth Day has been celebrated every year on April 22nd since 1970 and has become the most widely celebrated environmental event across the world. Events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.

Earth Day is about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet. On or around this day, various local, national and international activities are conducted to understand the planet’s unique biodiversity and how we protect our nature which includes plants, animals and the environment.


Faith community leaders have the authority, influence and power to change behaviors in their communities. Greening Sacred Spaces (GSS) is seeking ambitious and motivated faith leaders to take the initiative to educate their communities about environmental issues, their impacts, and how our faiths tell us to live more sustainably.  We are encouraging you to participate in this region-wide event being celebrated by many different faiths as they come together to talk about eco-spirituality.

Points of Discussion:

  1. Ongoing environmental concerns around the world and how they impacts us on an individual level.
  2. Highlight what faith communities can do to minimize their impact.
  3. Show how living green is part of your religion or spirituality

* Bring this to the attention of your faith leader to see this event happen in your community!


April 22, 23, 24, 2016 (Week of Earth Day)

Sample Sermons:

Below are links to sample sermons or resources to help provide you with inspiration to craft your sermon with a personalized approach.

Muslim: Greening our Deen, Think Green KhutbahCreating a Sustainable Future

Christian: The Power of Water, Gardens and Vineyards, The Earth is the Lord’s

Jewish: Environmental Sermon Starters, Watering Down Judaism, Sermonic Material 

Buddhist: Concept of Nature, A Buddhist’s response to environmental concerns 

Hindu: Our Sacred Earth

Sikh: Environmental Theology in Sikhism, Sikh statement on Climate Change, Ecosophical concerns in Sikh Traditions

Connecting Faith Communities:

We request that you record your sermon as a video that can be shared with other faith groups to facilitate learning, sharing and awareness about how communities are coming together to make a positive difference.