Bill Phipps, Co-Founder & Board Member


Board member and FCG co-founder Bill Phipps was Moderator of the United Church from 1997 to 2000.  During that time he initiated the “Moderator’s Consultation of Faith and the Economy”, out of which grew Faith & the Common Good.  

With degrees in both Theology and Law, he has practiced poverty law in Toronto, and served United Church congregations in Toronto and Calgary. Throughout his working life he has been involved in social justice, relations with First Nations, poverty, and grass roots community organizing. Bill has represented the United Church in many places including Southern Sudan, Guatemala, El Salvador, Israel, Palestine, Congo, Philippines, and East Timor.  He gives theme presentations and workshops on Climate Change, Economic justice, Living into Right Relations with First Nations, and believes that at the core of issues facing Mother Earth and humankind are deep spiritual realities and issues.

Currently a retired minister of the United Church of Canada, these days you may find Bill preaching on climate justice in Mississauga, attending the Sacred Water Circle in Peterborough, the Healing Water Walk in Fort McMurray, attending a meeting in Faith & the Common Good board meeting in Toronto, presenting at the Truth and Reconciliation hearings in Edmonton, or attending a book launch in Yellowknife. 

Bill Phipps lives in Calgary with his writer wife, Carolyn Pogue.   He and Carolyn have children and grandchildren in Yellowknife, Winnipeg, and Toronto.