Christine Boyle, Fossil Free Faith Coordinator & Vancouver Animator

A community organizer, activist, and communicator, Christine is the Minster of Community Life at CMUC in Vancouver.

She is also currently spearheading our Fossil Free Faith climate justice initiative and helping BC faith communities connect with our faith-based environmental support network.

She grew up in the United Church of Canada, and has an BSc in Urban Agriculture and First Nations Studies from UBC, and an MA in ‘Religious Leadership for Social Change’ from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.   She co-founded Spirited Social Change and previously lead strategic communications at the Columbia Institute and their Centre for Civic Governance.


Chris regularly talks about feelings, practices yoga, worships food, contemplates purpose, nurtures plants, and preaches about the need to create social, political and economic systems that reflect our desire to care for one another. She actively believes that people are good.