Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Communications Coordinator & Hamilton Animator

Beatrice is unafraid to test boundaries in order to make a difference.  Working through Environment Hamilton, Beatrice Ekoko co-ordinates FCG Communications and the GSS program for the Hamilton area.

Her breadth of experience as a communBEATRICEity animator, educator, capacity builder, and motivator adds huge value to the entire GSS team’s efforts. Beatrice’s work this year focuses on supporting faith groups in their roles as leaders in local food security involvement in the face of climate change.   Beatrice is also facilitating opportunities for youth to engage in eco-projects and sustainability.  She is famous in our network for helping us to “think out of the box.”  (Some of us old farts need more help then others!) We often turn to her when we want to test out new ideas on how to encourage faith communities to embrace sustainable change.  Through new uses of video, social media or by encouraging new types of partnerships, Beatrice brings originality, efficiency and enthusiasm to whatever work she does.  She is an invaluable source of fresh ideas to invigorate and strengthen our interfaith sustainability mission.  Thanks Beatrice for your hard work and innovation!

You can read Beatrice’s blog here: