Making a Difference

Climate change is an issue that is almost too big to comprehend.  So big, that we are inclined to think that there is little any one individual can do to help.  But is this true?  Is climate change so massive that you and I as individuals can do nothing about it?

I am not a rah rah type.  I don’t go to climate demonstrations, I don’t lecture people for driving massive SUV’s or a 12 cylinder sports car and I don’t yell at people for idling their vehicles (even though I may want to).  Essentially, I’m a live and let live kind of guy, and hope that my work, my lifestyle and my choices do the talking for me.  These include participation in the microFIT and FIT programs, energy efficient renovations on my home, the vehicle that I drive, and my choice to work in the energy efficiency field.

Admittedly, my efforts are just a drop in the ocean, but I know that in my daily travels I have the ability to positively affect people.  During our Green Audits, Stephen and I have a chance to meet anywhere from 2 to 10 members of every congregation we audit.  In the 4+ hours that we spend with them, we are able to share our experiences and insights and hope that they in turn, share them with others.

We all have this ability to some extent.  Whether it be something as simple as installing low flow faucet aerators and shower heads in our homes, or something as large as purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, every action we take is visible by others and influences others to some extent.   On a larger scale, your congregation also has this ability.  If you have installed solar panels, added insulation, installed energy efficient windows or upgraded to a high efficiency furnace/boiler then you’ve also made a statement and your community knows it and sees it.


So can an individual make a difference in the battle against climate change?  I believe so.


– David Patterson