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Here you can find resources created by Faith & the Common Good and Greening Sacred Spaces to help faith communities and individuals realize a healthier, greener lifestyle.





Below are descriptions of our resources available for purchase and, where applicable, the free download links.

These digital copies are available as free downloads for individual use for faith communities who are registered as members of our online network.

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Product List:

  • Guides & Workshops
  • Videos & DVDs
  • Green Rule Poster and Study Guide


Guides & Workshops

A Guide to Developing a ‘Green Team’ in Your Faith Community

Green Team Guide

Involve, organize, and motivate members of your faith community to take action towards eco-sustainability. This 14-page guidebook provides practical suggestions and steps for changes you could put in place to make your faith community a greener place. We know that talking about things is not the same as actually doing them; this guide will help you get things done by examining the processes and priorities to realize your green vision. It supports personal initiative as well as discussing the art of joining with others to create a ‘Green Team’.

More information on developing a Green Team.

** available for download only by registered members of our online network. Please consider donating to support our work.

Order Hard Copy of Green Team Guide ($5 each)





Practical Guide to Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Religious Building

practicalguide This easy-to-use 74-page guide is intended for property managers, green team members, and other decision-makers in faith communities who wish get to know how their buildings work and reduce the amount of energy they use in their buildings. It covers how to ‘tune-up’ your building through regular maintenance actions, details a wide range of retrofits that can help you save energy and money without sacrificing your comfort. It offers insights to lighting, heating and cooling systems, and concludes with a 20-page DIY energy audit.

Order the hard-copy of the Practical Guide to Energy Efficiency ($15 each)
For a free download to registered members, click on the link here: Practical Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency of Your Religious Building


The Green Guide: What we can do to Preserve our Sacred World

GreenGuideThumbnail Suggestions to help you live your faith and walk more lightly on the planet. This 8-page booklet is designed to be shared within your community and includes information on:

  • Eco-Spirituality: Why should we look after the natural world?
  • What can we do? Think about values, systems of production and consumption, true life-cycle costs, and changing our habits.
  • Greening our homes, gardens, workplaces, and transportation methods.

Order the Green Guide ($4 each)

Download the Green Guide** (595 kb pdf) suitable for printing as a booklet. Note that you may customise the local contact information on the final page for distribution in your community.



Greening Sacred Spaces: A Practical Eco-Spiritual Workshop

gssworkshop Explore the connection between your faith and the health of the Earth, and create an action plan to begin making changes and encourage one another. This is a single session workshop guide for introducing the Greening Sacred Spaces program to your faith community. Participants focus on aspects of daily life, such as food, home, place of worship to explore how they may make small and significant changes and apply their spirituality in practical ways to reduce energy consumption and help care for creation.The goals of the session include:

  • Exploring the relevance of “greening” to our way of life
  • Exploring how “greening” sacred spaces is relevant to this faith community
  • Exploring the connection between our faith and the health of the Earth
  • Exploring how our beliefs become concrete in our behaviour
  • Exploring possibilities to make our homes, lives, and sacred spaces greener
  • Creating an action plan to begin making changes
  • Encouraging one another to change

Order Greening Sacred Spaces Workshop ($4 each)

Download Greening Sacred Spaces Workshop (182 kb pdf)



Green Rule Poster Study Guide

greenrulehandbook(1) The Green Rule Study Guide offers suggestions for how you can use the poster as an imaginative and practical tool to teach youth and adult members of your faith community and school system about the sacredness of creation in their own faith, while taking into consideration the similar beliefs of other faith traditions.Order the Green Rule Study Guide ($8 each)

Download the Green Rule Study Guide** (472 kb pdf)