Priest in Tights

18700355_1391383920948962_3464304120094433447_o-1The Reverend Clarence Li is an Anglican priest at St. Hilda’s by the Sea, in Sechelt (population 9,000) on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. He is participating in the Faith Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Week by cycling and busing from his home to work at church and in the local community with the occasional trip by highway and ferry into the city of Vancouver. Here are Clarence’s reflections on his first week of reduced carbon commuting.

Day 1 of bike to work
On the Seventh Sunday of Easter, in training and anticipation of Bike to Work Week and the Faith Commuter Challenge. Hard work, feeling proud lets see how many days it lasts…

Revelations on Day 2 of biking to work
18740495_10155054825061348_7967226752892967733_nStopped to chat with a friend walking her dog on the sea wall, rode alongside with seagulls (don’t worry, I’m wearing a helmet!); and got to use the drive-thru ATM on my bike!! Feeling good about this new experiment. Let see if the rain tomorrow will deter my growing will to bike to work more often.

Day 3 & 4 on bike to work saga
Had a rest day yesterday going into town to visit my folks (in my dirty diesel TDI), and return to the pedals today. It’s been a day of reality checks: weather was no longer as nice and roadblocks were abound along the bike track on HWY 101 this morning with a parked car and people’s garden clipping blocking the bike lane near Selma Park area. Had my first pastoral visit today on bike and so thankful for the parishioner not minding her priest showed up in tights! Onward Christian self-propellers!!!

Musings on Day 5 of biking to work
A mixed car/bike day and installed new front and rear safety lights! Drove to Gibsons in the morning and got back on my bike to get to my office in the afternoon. Had a pastoral visit and attended the choir end-of-season party on bike and rode home with lights on at dusk. Logged in 19 km in total and I’m exhausted. Will have a day off tomorrow.

18922134_10155058877256348_3652814855082648492_nDay 6
Commuting on public transit at peak hour in the big city, what a novelty for the country parson! After being stuck on W Georgia on a steaming 257 bus for 20 minutes, the super bus driver took a shortcut to get on the upper highway to help folks to catch up so to be in time for the ferry. Standing at the rear of the bus I felt a cool nice breeze from behind me as the bus flying down the highway and I felt being lifted up by the Holy Spirit! It’s Pentecost Sunday tomorrow, do you care to share an ordinary moment when you felt being lifted by the Spirit?

18839191_10155066041501348_8531328095866183611_nYesterday was Day 7 of bike to work week
I had a dilemma at 7:50 am in the morning: how would I dress for a) Pentecost Sunday (i.e. wearing red, color of the tongues of fire), b) Yard Clean-up Party after church, and c) bike to work.