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June 11 Forum PosterWe have been working closely with Divest Waterloo on climate justice activities. Divest Waterloo was our major partner on our 2016 forum, Climate Justice & Indigenous Allyship, held on Sat. June 11 at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Check out Divest Waterloo’s terrific web resource page for faith communities.

Divest Waterloo


Our past partners in Kitchener-Waterloo and the Wellington Dufferin regions include:

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Community Renewable Energy Waterloo


Climate Action Waterloo Region

Climate Action Waterloo Region has released the Climate Action Plan for Waterloo Region: Living Smarter in 2020


Local networking events also provided by:


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Muslim Social Services Kitchener-Waterloo


Walk to Worship/Commuter Challenge

Challenge your faith community to travel to worship on any day during the first week of June (walking, biking, carpooling with another household, using public transportation), and enter your faith community win!

Plan to have your faith community participate in the next Walk to Worship/Commuter Challenge event!




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