Sudbury Chapter

reThink Green is developing Green Economy North as the hub of the emerging sustainable community in Greater Sudbury and beyond. Powered by Sustainability CoLab, Green Economy North will provide local businesses and organizations with the networks, resources and expertise needed to set goals and be recognized for progress made. Faith communities are key as we develop together as a sustainable society. Green Economy North has partnered with Faith & the Common Good to develop resources tailored to the needs of faith communities as they progress towards financial and environmental sustainability. For more information, please get in touch with Executive Director Rebecca Danard (, 705-674-1685) for more information.

About reThink Green

reThink Green has been serving Greater Sudbury since 2006 and its vision is for the community to be continuously striving towards true sustainability – in which the well-being of the global and local environment, the health and happiness of the residents and a prosperous economy are properly balanced and in harmony. reThink Green hosts the Greater Sudbury Earth Day Festival, and current projects include Green Connect (an online engagement platform), The Forge (a social enterprise co-working space) and Green Economy North.

About Sustainability CoLab

Green Economy North is one of seven programs across Ontario convening networks of businesses setting sustainability targets with the support of Sustainability CoLab. Affiliate Members in Durham, Ottawa, Niagara and Waterloo are already operating programs. Emerging Members in Kingston and York Region are preparing to launch programs.