The Green Audit – a health check-up for your building

We get physicals and health check-ups for ourselves, but what about our faith buildings?

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I was sick all last week, with a bad cold that still has me sniffling and coughing. I don’t get sick often, so this got me thinking about my age, and how I should get a full physical and health check-up from my doctor and that I should of course be taking better care of myself.

I deliver Green Audits for GSS, so my mind immediately made a connection to faith community buildings. More specifically, how old are faith community buildings and how many of them could also use a check-up, in the energy, maintenance and greening senses?

So I looked into it, and between Stephen Collette and myself, we have delivered Green Audits to 63 faith communities across Canada over the last few years. The average age of these 63 buildings was 89. In Ontario, where we have delivered 43 Green Audits, the average age of the buildings we audited was 97. Very few of these buildings had ever had any type of audit or study done on them before us.

We encourage you to consider a Green Audit, or any type of energy audit for your faith building for that matter. If you were 97 years old, wouldn’t you consider yourself due for a check-up?

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