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Steps to Greening

Steps to Greening

Steps to Greening is intended to give you and your faith community a quick overview of what is possible as you plan to green your sacred spaces and a ‘path’ to follow.


Youth Voices Manual

Youth Voices Outreach Manual

A comprehensive manual on how to organize an inter-faith youth group.“This is not a typical manual. It wasn’t written by a famous author, or even a single author, but by members of the Sacred Water Circle (SWC), who collaboratively contributed to the words on these pages. This how-to-manual is based on our experience reaching out to young adults of different faiths and backgrounds to rally around a common cause


 Resource Sheets
FaithCommunityTips-footprintsmall Two informational sheets with tips on reducing your ecological footprint are now available.Reduce Your Footprint – Faith Community Tips (Right Click and “Save As” to download)
FaithCommunityTips-householdsmall Reduce Your Footprint – Household Tips (Right Click and “Save As” to download)


Community Gardening Resources

garden guide cover
Community Garden Guide

Greening Sacred Spaces has developed a community garden guide for faith communities creating a community food garden. This comprehensive how-to guide includes information on:

  • setting up a garden
  • forming a volunteer team
  • planting a garden, including depth and drainage, organic matter, container gardening, rooftop gardening, tools, and other options
  • maintaining a garden – weeding, watering, and pest control tips
  • harvesting the garden – picking, monitoring, and chronicling the crop, freezing and fermenting, storing and replenishing soil
  • a garden resource list
Community Garden Presentation

This pdf document is a presentation for use with your faith community or garden team to kickstart or support your community garden program.

We also offer a one-page Gardening Group Facilitation Guide.



Energy Action Planner & Planificateur d’actions en matière d’énergie

eapPlanificateurdactions The Energy Action Planner (EAP) is a 4-page booklet designed to be an easy way for individual members of any faith community to make changes in their own households to reduce their energy use and walk more lightly on the Earth. The EAP has two key objectives:

  • Reduce the pollutants that contribute to smog and climate change.
  • Lower your home energy usage (saving you money, too).

This planner walks you through an easy two-week plan of energy-reducing activities to get you started. It then gives you more options to “go the distance” to continue your energy savings beyond two weeks.

Download the Participants’ Information Form (208 kb pdf) to collect information on those using the Energy Action Planner in your community.

Energy Action Planners and Resources are available as free downloads. Please consider making a donation to support our work!

Energy Action Planner – Customizable

This version of the Energy Action Planner has fillable fields. You can enter your Green Team contact information in this version.

Energy Action Planner – Regular (non-customizable)

This Energy Action Planner is a downloadable and printable form; this version does not have fillable fields

Planificateur d’actions en matière d’énergie

A customizable French-language version of our Energy Action Planner



Financing Options and Incentives

Financing Options for Greening Your Sacred Space

A brief overview of some options by which your faith community can finance energy audits, and proceed with retrofits. There are many types of potential funding for your project, provided by many different sources. Which ones you use will depend on your needs, your financial situation, and your eligibility.

Please consider making a donation to support our work!

Rebates and Incentives
Canadian Rebates and Incentives Reference

Need help to green your faith community?  Find rebates and incentives to help get you started in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water
  • Hot Water
  • Heating
  • Cooling

Please note: Rebates and incentives may be outdated at times due to changing governments and private sector programs.  Please visit the listed website of each program to determine if they are still active.



GSS Health and Sustainability: A Guide to Greening Daily Operations Faith Communities

GSS Health & Sustainability Guide

This guide offers hundreds of local, sustainable products, services and resources to build, retrofit and maintain a green faith building and extend that sustainable vision to the broader community and homes. Available as a download only. Note that information is not updated.