Welcome to our online community!

Here you can:

  • update your faith community profile and view the profiles and activity of other green faith communities. To access your profile just go to PARTICIPATE on the menu and click on MY PROFILE. From there, just click on EDIT to change information about your faith community.
  • access digital copies of highlighted resources in our Resources for Members
  • Apply for Certification in our Greening Sacred Spaces Certification program

To edit your profile, simply click on EDIT in the profile menu. Give details about your faith community and their greening activities, and change your personal contact information. Log in at any time to update your profile.

In your profile, put information about your faith community and your general greening achievements and goals. In “Activity”, put your priority next step or what you are most proud of so that other faith communities can share tips or learn from your success.

When you are logged in, you can view current updates by members in our faith community list

Privacy, passwords, and sharing profiles:

Your personal and contact information will not be made public but faith community profiles (the name, location, website, and greening details of your place of worship) will be added to a searchable database and map.

If more than one member of your faith community wishes to join the site, you can consider sharing an email and password. If multiple people create separate accounts for one faith community, only the account which has a detailed profile will be showcased.

Please use a unique password that is not used for other sites or services.