Great Lakes Water Walk

GLWW_logoOn Sunday, September 24, 2017, Anishinaabeg Grandmothers will lead thousands of participants in a ceremonial water walk along Toronto’s waterfront trail, with blessing stops at Toronto’s four river deltas (Credit, Humber, Rouge, Don). This Indigenous ceremonial walk is an invitation to pause and reflect upon what we can do individually and collectively to ensure the health and well-being of our waters. At the close of the walk, respected Elders Dr. Shirley Williams and Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, will lead a multi-cultural, multi-faith water blessing of the Great Lakes at Marilyn Bell Park, assisted by Elders and Leaders representing all facets of the Toronto community.

All are welcome. Participants are free to join or leave the main walking groups at any point, with times and distances that best suit them.

The Great Lakes Water Walk provides Indigenous people and Canadians with an opportunity to walk symbolically together towards a new reconciliation and understanding grounded in friendship and mutual respect. People who join these walks recognize this act as far more than a walk celebrating local waterways. It is a potent ceremonial activity with the power to change one’s relationship to water. We also hope that this special event will be the first step towards establishing a national day of Walking for the Water, when all people will be invited to walk beside and honour the lakes and rivers they love.

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