Renewable Energy Revival for Faith Communities

Clean Energy logoWe support Ontario faith groups in becoming community leaders in solar energy.

We are proud that out of 137-documented Ontario faith institutions with solar, 120 are members of our network.

Still, there are 7000 plus faith groups in Ontario and we want to inspire a portion of these communities to see the light on solar and the benefits of solar generated energy.

Our latest initiative, Renewable Energy Revival for Faith Communities (RERFC) engages diverse faith communities and their key decision makers across Ontario in a year-long revival of renewable energy development.

RERFC builds on our Solar Faith Initiative work over the last three years through developing resources and tools to assist faith groups in going solar. RERFC will further increase knowledge and raise awareness about the role faith communities of all backgrounds are playing in contributing to a clean energy future.

Stay tuned for continued updated tools, new and revised resources, case studies and inspiring stories.

Please click on the sections below to see how your faith group can participate.


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